I’m tired

I am tired.

I am drained.

I am worn out.

I am sleepy.

I am at work.

I am updating my blog to keep my eyes from shutting on me.

No communication in this building — kind of frustrating.

I am ready for Saturday, despite it only being Wednesday.

This will probably my weirdest post anywhere. Ever.

I love The Nervous Breakdown.

I love Brad Listi and all the writers there.

I have HuluPlus, not sure if necessary or just a waste of $8 a month.

I am mad at Netflix for splitting the offers into two; not sure if I can say “Sure, $20 a month is OK for streaming and a Blu-Ray Disc.”

I love Twitter and am just getting to know Google Plus (That’s AP Style, right there. Remember, no symbols; only actual words written out.).

Speaking of which, most of my communication is done in AP Style — yes, even text messages.

I don’t use text shorthand with everyone, only with maybe one person. I know, I am weird like that.

New system at work still about a year away. So much for me being hired in my position and diving right in.

Poker last Friday was fun. Glad SC introduced me to that crew for Fantasy Football and it just turned into me being a part of the clan — even if I don’t play indoor soccer.

Summer blockbusters are so far so good. “Transformers 3” was all right — quasi overrated. “Horrible Bosses” was phenomenal — very, very funny.

Very, very happy Korn has lowered their price on the fan club from $80 a year to $25 a year and it includes bootleg downloads. Finally Prospect Park did something right for the fans. Now, about those meet and greets …

Also very, very happy that my corporate mail is leaving IBM Lotus Notes! Sick of how slow, and clunky, and slow, and non compatible, and slow, and constantly crashing it is. Hello, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook! Now, about those FOBs …

A mish-mash for my readers! Fun, fun, FUN!

Catch you on the flip side.

— JB


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