Feel it hot, hot, hot

It’s a scorcher out there.

I mean mostly everywhere.

It’s hot in Florida.

It’s hot in Tennessee.

It’s even hot here in Massachusetts. Like, gross hot. Like, the kind of hot that’s usually in Florida or Tennessee. Everyone’s complaining. Not me. When it’s this hot, I eat less and drink more water. WINNING!

Greatest job evar? Well, I used to think it was College Baseball Writer/Columnist at Baseball America. That was my “end game” in journalism. Now, not so much. Now that I am part of the tech side, I see I can contribute in a different way. Not to say that I would ever turn that job down; I just know that it would evolve in some way and be something other than just print.

Got a couple of trips coming up. Exciting stuff.

Going to…

No, not Greece (I WISH). Nashville, baby! Or, Nash-Vegas, as some people refer to it as.

After that, I will be headed to…

Miami, baby. My home away from home. One of my many homes away from home.

Cannot wait to (first) get to Nashville and hang with my brother and his family. It’s been WAY too long since that happened. Cannot wait to spend 5 days in Nash-Vegas. I hope one of his former colleagues comes by to visit, too. That would be badass. Touching on that, Miami is going to be AWESOME. Always have a great time with my father’s side of the family down there and this trip should be no different. Every time I go down there, I get bombarded with “When are you going to move down here?” questions. I always reply the same way, “Find me a job down here and I will be more than happy to move down.” So, yeah. There!

I started with a full head of steam, and slowed down considerably with this!

Catch you on the flip side.

— JB


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