Umm, wut?

The United States is not a AAA nation.

Let that rattle around your head for a bit.

Thursday, the stock market crashed and burned. Friday, the market was a yo-yo. Today, they’re tanking again.

At last view, the Dow was 519.34.

Umm, wut?

POTUS (that’s President of the United States) is urging congress to resolve the debt issue while at the same time decrying S&P for the drop in credit rating.

Umm, wut?

I’m no economist, but as I’m getting older and older, I am starting to pay more and more attention to the markets and politics, too. This doesn’t look too good. Again, I’m no expert.

I am afraid to look at my 401K, I did the other day and it hurt. A lot. So, I’ve resolved not to look at it for another week.

As if Monday’s weren’t bad enough, right? Jeepers. What a demoralizing thing. And for those who read this and think, “Who cares?” Well, then, you don’t know jack shit — and that’s putting it lightly. In short, you should care. There’s plenty riding on this debacle.

As Stephen King wrote in Dreamcatcher, “Jesus Christ bananas.”

As of the conclusion of this post, the Dow is at 462.92.

And, remember, red is bad, mmkay?

“Jesus Christ bananas.”

— JB

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