Yeah, Sure

People need to grow up. No, seriously. They do.

Grown ass people have flooded both my Twitter and Facebook feeds with this nonsense saying that the media blew (no pun intended) Hurricane Irene out of proportion.

Sorry, ass-wipe, that if it’s not a Category 5 which does tremendous damage that you care not to look at the news about it. A Category 3 storm to hit the coast and a the subsequent tropical storm which hit New England did plenty damage, namely 21 deaths and hundreds of thousands of people without electricity. Not to mention the flooding it’s done in Vermont and elsewhere.

I know for a fact that a few of those people who said that have never had any family — or themselves — experience a Category 5 hurricane like Andrew, or a Category 3 like Wilma.

It’s frustrating for me to witness first hand that there are people that are so completely fucking clueless. “Oh, rain and wind, who gives a shit.” Moments later they’re updating through their smartphone that they have no power and are pissed. How’s that for some damage? How’s that food in your fridge treating you now, asshole?

In all seriousness, if you’re one of these people — fuck you.



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