Freedom …

Does one really have freedom? That’s the conversation I was having with my friends Kristina and Alex today.

The conclusion we came up with: Everyone has freedom, however with limitations. We have the freedom to make any and all decisions and actions that pass through our heads.

I am sure many would love to rob a bank or an armored truck to not have to worry about money — especially now during the holidays. However, most know the limitation of committing a crime — meaning, you’ll face jail time. That limitation is preventing us from the freedom of committing the crime — at least that’s one-half of the argument. The other half of the argument is this: You have the freedom of not robbing that bank or armored truck, because you’re not willing to accept the consequences.

Is that really freedom or common sense? Or, do they — sort of — go hand-in-hand? Is that my freedom in that situation? Am I free because I know that if I commit armed robbery, I will get caught and face jail time? Or, is it my common sense which tells me, “Hey, dummy, don’t even attempt armed robbery because there is no happy ending.”

I equate freedom to something similar that Zach De La Rocha rapped in “Bullet in the Head” for Rage Against the Machine — “They say jump, you say how high; you’re brain dead, you got a fucking bullet in the head.” I mentioned, albeit briefly, some of my freedom here. I was given the power by my parents and my siblings to never set self-limitations and go out and get things. If you’re too much of a robot to see that oppression is not freedom, that’s your problem.

All this being said, I am pretty happy with where I am in my life. I’ve had the freedom to do whatever, whenever. I don’t have anything tying me down holding me back. Are there some things I’d rather have done differently, sure. Are there some things, I’d rather do now, sure.

To the latter part, Kristina will tell me, “See, you don’t have complete freedom. You have a self-limitation set there.”

Could be. I am thinking not, though. Sure it’s not my will directly to not have done this, but it’s damned close to it. I’m biding my time and waiting to strike when the time is right. (Again, Kristina would probably say that’s a self-limitation — just get it done already.)

What about you; do you have freedom or are you mired in your self-limitations?



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