Grammy’s Top 5 Performances

Sure, news and online media has been all over the Grammy’s and who won what. This is my opinion of the Top 5 performances of the night. You may not agree and I couldn’t care less. Without further ado …

1. Adele. Need I say more? Sure, the FOH (that’s front-of-house to the uninitiated) had the  piano way too loud forcing Adele — who won six Grammy’s last night — to dig even deeper to hit her notes (five months removed from throat surgery, no less), but she was awesome.  No lip-synching (you hear that Chris Brown, and Rhianna?!) . No crazy stage (you hear that Chris Brown?!). Just her, the band and her majestic voice pumping out “Rolling in the Deep,” which was followed by the only standing ovation of the night.

2. Foo Fighters. Twice these guys took the stage, and twice they killed it. Sure, Jack Black introducing them for their first performance was odd, to say the least, but Dave Grohl and company made everyone forget that idiocy. (Speaking of, Black called Foo Fighters indie — of course, this after mentioning he wanted to keep his street cred for his own band, Tenacious D, by not being in the Staples Center. Just because the Foo Fighters recorded this album in a garage, doesn’t make them indie. How many indie bands you know have LiveNation as promoters while they’re selling out arenas world-wide? That’s right. ZERO. Staind recorded its last two albums in Aaron Lewis’ barn. Korn has been recording in the studio Jonathan Davis set up since 2003 and its latest release — “The Path of Totality” — was recorded in hotel rooms and tour buses.)

3. Deadmau5. This is excellent dubstep. Kudos for him showing up with a T-shirt which had Skrillex’s cellphone number printed on it  to the red carpet, too. His extremely shortened version of “Raise Your Weapons” (the song clocks in at 8 minutes, 22 seconds) was certainly better than David Guetta’s diddy with Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne in the Electronic/Dance Music portion of the show.

4. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. No better way to open the show than with The Boss. Period. End of discussion.

5. Here’s where I’ll catch flack. Nicki Minaj. The thing was a head-scratcher and definitely water-cooler fodder. Which, honestly, is the only reason it’s in the top 5. Katy Perry could’ve easily been here. As could Coldplay’s solo performance. But, Minaj took it.

Your turn. You tell me. Who was the best last night?


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