I Just Don’t Get It

I don’t understand how tour promoters can lock someone who’s in the media out of a show.

I’ve tried — without any success — lately to score media tickets to three dubstep/EDM shows; Kaskade at the DCU Center, Datsik at The Palladium and Steve Aoki at The Palladium. Granted there’s still time for me to score passes to Aoki, but still.

With all the negative press the EDM scene has been receiving here in Massachusetts, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I can’t get in there and provide true and straight-forward review for the shows.

Hell, I did it for Identity Festival when I covered the show for the Telegram.

So, for EDM/dubstep promoters to shut media people out of club shows is asinine. While it may be a niche scene, if they want to grow they need exposure. Seems logical, right? Then why not do the logical thing.

While I am on the note of promoters not doing things the right way, for the Mayhem Festival show at the Comcast Center I was first given General Admission Lawn tickets. I found it odd when I walked up to the will call window I found it odd the worker just reached into a pile and grab a pair of tickets. I explained to her that I don’t normally get lawn, but she insisted those were my tickets. After sending a text to the point of contact, she assured me that she had me down for seats. Back to the box office I went only to find out that my seats were at Section 8. I am no prima donna, but every show I have ever covered at the Comcast Center I have had seats in Section 2 Row S seats 48 and 49. Up close next to the stage, perfect seat to hear the perfect mix. But not for that show. I was relegated to awful seats. Luckily, because of slow ticket sales, the lawn was closed and the uncovered seating was used as the General Admission seating. Wound up being excellent for me, as I sat center stage for a perfect mix — albeit a lot further away than usual.


Here’s something else I don’t get … the NHL is about to lockout again?! Are you fucking kidding me?

The owners are so Goddamned greedy it’s ridiculous. I will be really surprised if a lockout actually occurs as they haven’t really bounced back from the last one. Again, asinine.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but if the owners are going to continue to cry foul and saying they need more money, then it’s inevitable. If you need more money, stop agreeing to astronomical contracts, dummies.


The rich are greedier than the poor, in some cases.


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