This is happening, so get on board

• I have amazing people in my life. All of them. Not once do they tell me, “You’re crazy. You probably shouldn’t do that,” unless, of course, it really, really, is crazy. I have a wonderful support group of family and friends and they’re the best.

• Back in October I approached Keith of KG Audio about a possible apprenticeship with his company for audio engineering — my dream job.

After a couple of months, he got back to me and I was able to work my first show with his crew this past Saturday at The Palladium.

While I had spoke to him about working Front of House, when I showed up for the assignment he had me work monitors with him telling me that the true audio engineers cut their teeth working monitors for bands, not FOH.

As Keith said, “Front of house is easy — you just have a left and a right. Monitor work is brutal — you have multiple mixes and you have to make every musician on stage happy. If the musicians aren’t happy, they’re body language will show it and chances are it will be a bad show.”

It was certainly challenging and I think I held my own, even getting a compliment from him on the bands I worked solo.

I’ve worked FOH for Apollos Resurrection — a band whom my friend is the vocalist — twice now including recording and mixing their latest effort from The Middle East for them to have to distribute. They recently had a song from the set, “inHumanity,” debut live online at Radiation Radio.

I am looking forward to working more shows with Keith and his crew — or just me and Keith — and gaining more experience. My audiophile geek-ness really gets the best of me a lot of the time, and what better way to hone the practice and to improve than working with the best in the area?

If all works out, I can see myself doing this as my career. I love all aspects of music, including producing and audio engineering.

• I have a project at work which was green-lighted and all I need is content to complete. I can’t really get into the whole thing now, per say, but once I am able to, I will blab.

• I received Erika Rae’s “Devangelical” yesterday and I am already half-way through; damn it’s good.

In fact, yesterday was a GREAT DAY in entertainment/media for me — Chevelle released “Stray Arrows – A Collection of Favorites,” “The Dark Knight Rises” was released on Blu-Ray and I received Rae’s book.

• Back in September I switched phones to the Samsung Galaxy S3. I know, right? Me, an Apple fan, switching to Android. I’ve decided I needed a change and an open-source operating system — or, at least a system which could be rooted — was appealing enough for me to switch.

There are some things I miss from the iPhone, though. The camera is infinitely better on an iPhone as is smart keyboard. I still have a hard time telling myself to switch back over to letters after typing a character like a comma, apostrophe or quotation marks (on an iPhone it automatically does it).

I am still getting accustomed to the intricacies of Android OS, but so far I am a big fan over iOS.


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