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The end of an era ushers in a new one

After 10 years, I gave my notice at the Telegram & Gazette yesterday.

I’ve been working more and more audio engineering jobs (both live FOH and mix engineering) and an excellent opportunity presented itself down in Nashville and I just couldn’t pass it up.

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Think about this — “Gravity”

About a month ago I was having a conversation with a friend, she told me something that blew me away.

“Whenever I find myself worrying about anything — work-related or otherwise — I ask myself this, ‘Is there anything I can do to control the situation?’ If the answer is yes, I work toward a solution. If the answer is no, I tell myself, ‘Gravity,’ and move on.”

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JetBlue is good for Worcester — here’s why

Between snow birds leaving for the winter and returning in late spring, and vacation destinations, Florida is a hot bed for people avoiding winter’s grasp and enjoying fun in the sun.

After DirectAir flew the coup — literally shuttering and leaving passengers without a flight which they paid for — there was a strong courtship by Massport, the governing body which runs the Worcester Airport, and the city of Worcester to woo — pun intended — JetBlue to the regional airport.

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How did you become a fan?

Living in New York City, my dad watched a lot of Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs baseball. My dad’s two favorite players, Ryne Sandberg and Dale Murphy had a lot to do with that. Also, their games were available via WGN and TBS.

For whatever reason, those awful Braves teams — and, boy were they awful — stuck with me. To this day, I am an Atlanta Braves fan.

When I moved from Anchorage, Alaska, to Worcester, Mass., I caught a lot of flack from the neighborhood kids, who didn’t know me from a whole in the wall, calling me a band-wagon fan — only liking the Braves because they were one of the best teams in the National League and in the playoffs.

Never bothered me one bit, really.

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