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Just Do It

There’s so many things running through my head right now.

I want to do many things, but who’s to say that I should do them. With so many things up in the air at work, I wouldn’t want to add one more thing to do without knowing how or when the other things are going to fall. For instance, I would love to write a technology blog. I think I could garner some readers and maybe even receive things to test — nothing hard core; though I would be able to do that. But, consumer electronics; cameras, blu-ray players, tablets, netbooks — shit like that. Yep, it could work. How could it not? It would start as something small — pointing readers in the right direction for tech stuff and why couldn’t I evolve into the go-to person for things. Yes, I would even include social media; which plays a huge roll in technology today. Again, though, it all depends on how and where those other items fall.

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Well then

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I really, really hate my neighbors. I’ve never come across people — or a person, depending on who you ask — who are so inconsiderate. I really hate that place. With a passion.

Work has been so hectic. We’ve been swamped and just heaps and heaps of things just keep getting piled on.

I worked through lunch. I know. Me. A fat kid.

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